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Free! Eternal Summer - Anime First Impressions

I loved Free!’s first season. It was filled with light-hearted jokes and characters that helped create a show that was an all-around pleasure to watch. Looking at the first three episodes of this season, the show continues to uphold its original priorities while also featuring fresh content. Not only that, but it has some real potential to fix my main problem with season one; the lack of character depth. That much said, I’m already convinced that I will continue to love Free! But that’s not all. Kyoto Animations are also doing a great job of improving the visuals. Clearly their main focus was the muscles but they also improved lighting and colours, giving the show a sharper look. Altogether I think Eternal Summer has a good chance to exceed the quality of Free!’s original season.

The reason Free! is so memorable is because of its characters. Since the plot isn’t anything too complicated, it relies mainly on the characters to entertain. With a mix of many different personalities, everyone will have a favorite character that suits them. As much as I enjoy these characters, I felt that in the first season they were a little two-dimensional. And this is the main reason I like Eternal Summer. So far it looks as if they’re trying to add a deeper emotional level to the show. If they do manage that correctly, there’s a strong chance that Eternal Summer will be better than the original. Even if the characters don’t end up developing the way I would like, the humour alone in Free! Eternal Summer will still be more than enough to make this show a recommendation of mine.

I didn’t notice any outstanding songs in the first season’s soundtrack too much, but I’m really starting to enjoy the second season’s. It does a really good job at creating a feel-good atmosphere. Although I have to say that some tracks really don’t fit too well in Free!, specifically the ones with rapping in them. I’ve heard soundtracks with vocals before, but in a show that mostly focuses on character interactions and not much else, it seems like a poor choice considering the dialogue drowns it out. Other than that, the OST succeeds at making an appropriate atmosphere, which is what really counts.

The voice actors in Free! are especially notable this time around. Every single character has an enjoyable voice to listen to. They also do a good job of representing that character’s personality. This makes the dialogue feel much smoother than most other animes. There are almost no “big-name” voice actors in Free!, but each and every character has a solid voice actor that suits there personality exceptionally well. This was something that originally stood out to me in season 1, and is even more apparent in Eternal Summer.

All things considered Free! Eternal Summer should be an entertaining show to watch this summer season. If they choose to give the show some more character depth I feel Eternal Summer could blossom into something much more than the original. Free! Eternal Summer gets:

A (In potential) .


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